About Me

About Me

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Naveed Ur rehman chughtai


Demonstrated valuable Software Testing Support in maintaining several projects for numerous clients. Having various overseas working experiences in the USA, UK, and Singapore.

Tech-savvy and highly resourceful Software Quality Assurance Engineer with more than 15 years of demonstrated experience in analysis, quality assurance, planning, design, documentation, automation, and execution of various applications for different sectors like Banking, Stock Exchange, Insurance, and Telecommunication, etc. A Highly skilled professional who has an outstanding record of achievement in obtaining optimal quality, analyzing new and improved processes and procedures, as well as making recommendations for improvement. Proved instrumental in Manual Functional Testing, Module-level testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Database Testing, Regression Testing, Automation Functional Testing. Solid experience in creating test plans and test cases and test execution covering both “black Box” and “automated” testing scenarios. Expertise in devising different quality assurance methodology and process, repeatable quality assurance processes and methods to enterprise-wide technology projects/initiatives.

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